Guidelines on Abbreviation


Abbreviation refers to shorten and existing word or phrase. Names and titles of people, geographical terms, time, measurement, and number; Latin expressions; business and government groups; etc. are usually abbreviated. Abbreviating saves time and space.

Ways to Abbreviate

1. Clipping or Shortening

  • using less than the entire word, some of which has been deleted
  • E.g. Math, Bio, Eng, memo, phone

2. Initialism and Acronym

  • in initialism, the resulting abbreviation is said as a letter string.
  • e.g. BDO, UFO

In acronym, the letters are pronounced as if a word.e.g. ASAP, WHO, US,

Other types to form  abbreviations

  • igg for ignore
  • Coke for Coca-Cola
  • Tbsp. for tablespoon
  • NCAA for National College Athletics Assosiation

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