A- rrive a little early for every date or appointment.

B- e enthusiastic in everything you do.

C- omplete every assigned task.

D- o a little bit more than what is required.

E- xpress yourself after you know the facts.

F- eel comfortable in every situation by being yourself.

G- o all out to serve others.

H- elp and pray for your enemies.

I- nculcate positive values.

J- oin in and help when you are needed.

K- eep your head cool, it will save you more trouble.

L- isten with your heart not your ears.

M- ake the best with what you have.

N- ever say it is hard, instead try your best.

O- pen your heart to those less fortunate than you.

P- lease yourself by pleasing others.

Q- uickly responds to any emergency needs.

R- emember the spirit of Christmas should be everyday.

S- tudy as to exel in your profession.

T- ake advantage of opportunity.

U- se spare time intelligently.

V- alue your health.

W-ork at your work.

X- out any qualities that could lead to failure.

Y- ou are the most important asset. Treat it well physically and emotionally.

Z- estfully meet any challenge.

If you want to be successful in your life it should be better atleast follow this simple guidelines. Simple but true.


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