Teaching Vocabulary


Definition of Vocabulary

  • It represents the breadth (size) and depth (level) of all words we know — those we use, recognize, and respond to in meaningful communications.
  • It has components which are the macro skills: listening, speaking,reading, and writing.
  • Reading vocabulary is the richest.

This is the some key concepts:

  • Children come to school with a thousand of vocabulary words.
  • Children experiment with unfamiliar words.
  • As children’s vocabulary increases, their comprehension also develops.
  • Vocabulary knowledge is developmental.
  • Students have to hear the word, say them, manipulate them. and play with them (Blachowicz & Fisher, 2005)

Here are some examples:

  • Say lanky.
  • Again, say lanky.
  • Lanky sounds like laki in Filipino. It also starts with L like large.
  • Lanky is similar to laki and large.
  • Students learn 10-12 conceptually related words in a period of time.

Indicators of Vocabulary Knowledge

  • Use of a word in speech and in writing
  • Recognition of the word in speech and in print
  • Correct use of the word based on meaning or context
  • Correct pronunciation of the word

I hope you learned something in this discussion.

Thank you for visiting my website!



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