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It’s called green, but means something different


When we say green, what comes in to your mind? yeah i know what you are thinking! it’s either your favorite color, all about nature, and many more. I’ll just cite an example here in the Philippines when someone calls you green minded it means you are “horny” sorry for the term. anyway i want to share you these words, “it’s called green but have something meaning””. I’ll just got it from haha coz im trying to wide my vocabulary 🙂 also I often play the games here, you can also try if you want. thank you

It’s called green, but means something different


n green-room, -room

a lounge in a theater, broadcasting studio, or the like, for use by performers when they are not onstage, on camera, etc.


authorization; approval; permission.

Greengrocer n green-groh-ser

a retailer of fresh vegetables and fruit.

green line 

a demarcation line that divides predominantly Christian East Beirut and predominantly Moslem West Beirut in Lebanon.

green-eyed a green-ahyd

jealous; envious; distrustful.

Green Beret n

Special Forces.

Greenheart n green-hahrt

any of certain other timber trees of tropical America.

Mondegreen n mon-di-green

a word or phrase resulting from a misinterpretation of a word or phrase that has been heard.

green thumb 

an exceptional aptitude for gardening or for growing plants successfully.

greenhouse gas

any of the gases whose absorption of solar radiation is responsible for the greenhouse effect, including carbon dioxide, methane, ozone, and the fluorocarbons.

Green Paper

a report presenting the policy proposals of the government, to be discussed in Parliament.

green revolution

nations, through the introduction of high-yield crop varieties and application of modern agricultural techniques.

Greenmail n green-meyl

the practice of buying a large block of a company’s stock in order to force a rise in stock prices or an offer by the company to repurchase that block of stock at an inflated price to thwart a possible takeover bid.

green fee

a fee paid by golfers in order to play on a golf course.

Greenhornn green-hawrn

an untrained or inexperienced person.