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new year new beginning


I don’t believe what people believe specially every time the new year is coming they have “new year resolution” or in Filipino “panata”.

now 17 and half hours the year will change and I want to share what I have learned this past year and how I will able to apply it in my life.

I don’t force you to read so you can click the back LOLS

1. avoid too much and too little.

I am sure that you had encounter this golden mean written by Aristotle. for me when we are doing something we don’t need to make so much effort about it. we should make it balance.when we make it balance everything is follows.

2. you cannot give what you do not have.

when I was in second year college and while taking my Principles of Teaching my teacher always used this quotation. I agree with this quotation¬†because¬†it is very much true. as a future educator you cannot teach what you don’t know. before entering the class make sure you know what is your lesson or master your lesson is better.

in our life we can also apply this. you don’t need to promise specially when you knows that you cannot fulfill it. remember saying “no” sometimes is needed we don’t need to promise always.

also in relationship you can also apply this. like you cannot love someone specially if you don’t know what is love. (I know some of you might disagree but this is my views! hehe)

3. learn how to listen

when your best friend is in trouble and she needs someone to talk to do not talk in chorus. remember she needs you to listen with her. believe me listening is a big help than giving advice.

happy new year everyone. needs to log out

I will be more active this year hahaha

I will write and throw all my apprehensions specially in writing.






A- rrive a little early for every date or appointment.

B- e enthusiastic in everything you do.

C- omplete every assigned task.

D- o a little bit more than what is required.

E- xpress yourself after you know the facts.

F- eel comfortable in every situation by being yourself.

G- o all out to serve others.

H- elp and pray for your enemies.

I- nculcate positive values.

J- oin in and help when you are needed.

K- eep your head cool, it will save you more trouble.

L- isten with your heart not your ears.

M- ake the best with what you have.

N- ever say it is hard, instead try your best.

O- pen your heart to those less fortunate than you.

P- lease yourself by pleasing others.

Q- uickly responds to any emergency needs.

R- emember the spirit of Christmas should be everyday.

S- tudy as to exel in your profession.

T- ake advantage of opportunity.

U- se spare time intelligently.

V- alue your health.

W-ork at your work.

X- out any qualities that could lead to failure.

Y- ou are the most important asset. Treat it well physically and emotionally.

Z- estfully meet any challenge.

If you want to be successful in your life it should be better atleast follow this simple guidelines. Simple but true.