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my 30 ways :)


this is it Benzeknees!


  1. I want to see your effort, I want to see your sincerity, I want you to say that I am the only ONE, I love surprises, I want to meet your parents.
  2. I strongly believe that education is the key to success as a future educator I want to mold the mind of my future students.
  3. I love reading especially short stories, but I will give the book that I really love to. This pen if for hire, diamond revelation and without backward glance.
  4. Attended class, work in the office as a working student, eat lunch with my classmates, check email, check blogs, check face book, chitchatting with my Russian boyfriend, doing assignments and read books J
  5. I won’t forget the day you broke my heart, and now I am proudly to say that I totally move on from you! I am happy and contented with my new boyfriend today.
  6. I prefer love songs; every time I talk to my boyfriend he always sing at least five songs. I realized that I love the way he sang the song J that’s what love can do!
  7. Pretending, lying, bossy, user, people who only knows you when they need from you.
  8. Half rice, egg and hotdog
  9. As a future educator I want to advocate that education is Very important. Remember the cliché that education is the key to success.
  10.   2-51

I’ll be there

Pusong lito

Part of me

One thing

I wont give up

The one that got away

What do you say?

Eyes open

All night dinner

11. Loving parents J they do all their best for me to finish my college.

12.  Ashton Kutcher, Zac Efron, Brad Pitt, Alex Pettyfer, and of course my boyfriend Zhenya

13.Some of my friends say that I have a good body but for me I am not that sexy because I think that im fat because I love eating specially when I reviewed.

14.As of now I am wearing jeans, black sleeveless and fashion shoes.

15.Capricorn, they say that Capricorn are loving person and they are stick to one.

16.What if I had a failing grades? Damn what will happen in my career! That’s why sometimes I think that I became grade conscious. LOL

What if I broke up with him? Do you think he can move on that easily?

17.I am proud to have my family, my friends, my loving boyfriend, I am proud to say that “I am a scholar of our university and even I am not that really smart I know that I deserve what I have.I am proud because my boyfriend rejected all his beautiful classmates hahahaha because of me!

18.As of now (at this time) I don’t know why I had a low grade in my major maybe my best is not enough. But im happy because still it’s passing grade.



21.I want to live with my future husband in their country because that’s what he wants. Our plan is after we studied he will apply first in Moscow then I will follow him a year after. I wanted to live in a simple house as long as I am with my husband and future children.

22.As of now? Good.

23.I miss my life specially when I was young. I missed my high schools friends the things that we used before, I miss my friends in Laguna, I miss my work and my co- workers there. I miss my kind ex

24.I miss my best friend Gie when I heard the word “sting” because she always referred to an energy drink when she says this word. But the correct word is “string”

25.What will my boss reaction when he discovers that I had a low grade in one subject.

26.I hate about my self is I react easily; I like my lips and eyes.

27. Try and try until you succeed. This is my motto since I was in high school.

28.I want to explore my country; because there are many beautiful places here and I want to visits them all. (Specially the beaches! Here in Philippines)

29.for me, Im afraid if you would understand but I try. Chocolate drink with coffee, soda with ice cream, shrimps with “suman”, when I ate burgers I removed the tomato, and cucumber. graduation day as of now J



30 Ways Part 2



Yesterday I completed the first 15 questions of the 30 Day Challenge & I was chuffed to see how many others thought this was a good idea. Some of you have even started working on the lists yourselves.  Thanks again to Pink Ninjabi for starting us off on this journey.

So without further ado, let’s continue:

16.  Something you always think “what if” about – What if there had not been a 2 year waiting list to become a stewardess when I graduated from high school?  My life may have gone in a whole other direction & I probably wouldn’t be afraid to fly now!

17.  Something you’re proud of – Each & every one of my children of course!  They aren’t all perfect, by an means, but they are all special individuals who are all working on becoming the best people they can be.

18.  A problem you have…

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Diction Accuracy and Correct Usage


Diction Accuracy and Correct Usage

When I was in first year college we studied these, during discussion I really enjoyed these lesson because I realized that we often used the words but I usually misused and misspelled it. Thank you to my teacher who makes our lesson easy and discovery. I want to share these to you and I used my book here is the title of the book “Writing across discipline” an ESP skill text for academic and professional tasks. Written by Infante, DG, et. al.

There are many words that are confusing but for today I’m going to give the first ten, after a week I will post the other confusing words. Thanks guys.


  1. 1.    Accept, except expect


Accept is a verb meaning “to receive”; except is a preposition meaning “not including”; expect on the other hand, is a verb which means “to anticipate.”


  1. 2.   Adapt and Adopt

Adapt means to accommodate and to adjust to certain conditions while adopt means to take into a family or to take up and follow.

  1. 3.   Advise and Advice

Advise is a verb which means “to give advice”.Advice is the noun form.

  1. 4.   Affect and Effect

Affect means to influence or to create an effect on something. Effect is a noun meaning the result or consequence of something.

  1. 5.   All ready and Already

All ready a two-word expression means everybody is ready or “totally prepared”; already is an adverb meaning” previously or by this time. “

  1. 6.   Altogether, all together and together

Altogether is an adverb which means “entirely or totally”; all together a two-word expression refers” to an action” or “activity” simultaneously accomplished by a group. Together is used “to refer to two persons” or “things doing the same activity.

  1. 7.   Allude and elude

To allude means to refer to; to elude means to avoid.

  1. 8.   While and awhile

While is a noun as in “for a while, in a while”; awhile is an adverb meaning “shortly” or “for some time.”

  1. 9.   Breath and breathe

Breath is a noun; breathe is a verb.

10.Beside and besides

Beside is a preposition which means next to“; besides is a preposition which refers to except for and an adverb which means “in addition to.


Hope you enjoy!

soon i will share to you my new website hope you follow it also 🙂

thank’s a lot!








Secretly in love with you


Every time I saw you my heart beat gets fast,

I don’t understand why always felt this

Especially when are path cross.


When you demanded I always do it without hesitation,

With the hectic work, it’s nothing to me

Simply because I secretly in love with you.


When you correcting my wrong

I just smile while listening to you,

It is because I love to hear you the word “ok, is it like this” listen carefully”


When you smile, I smile

When you talk, I smile

When you’re mad, I still smile

It is because I secretly in love with you.


April 27,2012

This time I won! :)


Cabalen Hall

In this game we need to get the measurement of ate Marie’s tummy. Ha-ha and I got it perfectly. And this is my prizes!

Now Ate Marie’s son is almost five months, and he’s so cute. 🙂

AUF Family! Thank you so much to all of you especially to my boss Ma’am Tere and my Ate’s Ate Lelai, Ate Tey, Ate Sai, and Ate Marie.