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Word for the day (March 13, 2012)


Word of the Day

Today’s Word: duress


(noun) [doo-RES, dyoo-RES]

1. compulsory force or threat: “Amanda hoped her friends would forgive her moment of weakness while under duress in the principle’s office.”

2. (as in law) illegal coercion or constraint

3. (as in law) forcible confinement, especially imprisonment


Approximately 1330; from Middle English, ‘duresse’: hardship, harshness; from Old French, ‘duresse’; from Latin, ‘duritia’: hardness, from ‘durus’: hard.

In Action

“Geeks under duress can turn their Handspring Visors into truly personal digital assistants with a new snap-on module that turns the PDA into an electronic massager.

According to developer Raynet Technologies, the application driving the Personal Massager module comes with three different ‘tantalizing’ selections of massage modes.

The pre-set programs can be tweaked to suit an individual user’s preferences by varying ‘frequency, ramp-up modulation, duration, pressure and burst,’ according to the product’s documentation.”

Michelle Delio. “Handspring Offers, Um, Handspring,” Wired.com (Oct. 3, 2001).

“The prosecution indicated that most of its case relies on statements Mr. Lindh is said to have made, and the defense is doing all it can to suggest that those statements were made under duress.

The defense says Mr. Lindh was kept naked, blindfolded and bound in a metal container before federal agents questioned him, and they gave the court a picture today that they said showed him in those circumstances.”

Katharine Q. Seelye.”No Need to Tie Lindh to Deaths, Judge Rules,” The New York Times (April 2, 2002).

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